Humane Groundhog Removal

Groundhog found to be irritating creatures by digging the burrows in the garden and by destroying the garden to find out the food and to make their dug in the ground. Their digging habit not only destroys the garden, but they can also damage the farming or garden equipment and let the holes for humans to get in and fall down on the ground. 

Anyhow, there are many humane ways by using them you can easily get rid of the groundhog. Following are some of the ways to remove groundhog: 

Elimination of attractant

The basic reason to enter and decide to live in your home is the availability of shelter and food. It is important for you to eliminate the damage by removing the attractants: 

  • Remove the crops like beans and melon when they are living within the house for a limited time or until they did not move to another place. 
  • Groundhog may like to live in the area that is covered or contain anything under they can make their shelter; remove all the rocks and stones, so they did not find anything to make their home. 
  • Trim all kinds of plants and bushes that they use to cover their living place. 
  • Remove the tree trunk that they can chew in the absence of other food resources. You can simply use a metal sheet around the tree; it will help to repel the groundhogs. 

Identify the area that is damaged by groundhogs.

You may need time to check out which places they visit most and where they are living, having information about their routine will help you to make a plan against groundhogs, or using a control method. 

Some of their common activities are:

  • Eating grass
  • It is damaging to crops like beans, melon, peas, etc. 
  • Digging holes within the lawn and destroying the structure of the home.
  • Chewing the wires and leaving them at the risk of fire

Check out if there is any given sign. It means they are still living within the home, and you are required to take action to get rid of them and to secure your home from more damage. 

You will be surprised to know groundhog make their holes under the bushes or rocks and cover them with the help of tree stem or leaves and will range from 5-8 inches. 

Choosing a control method to get rid of a groundhog

Although there are many methods, some of the humane, effective, and easy methods are given below:

Once you are aware of the damage you can choose the best control method, we recommend you to use more than one method to get quick and effective results. 

Use of trap 

A quick and easy way to get rid of a groundhog is by using the trap. You can bait the trap with their favorite food, it will attract them to eat the bait, and as a result, they will be captured by the trap. 

Hide the trap with the help of leaves so the only bait will be visible to them, and they will be more comfortable to come near it. 

Use of repellent 

They have a good sense of smell so you can use the deterrents that are disliked by the groundhog like black pepper deterrent. Apply once in a day throughout the yard and garden will prevent them from entering into the home. You can also use it in places where you do not want to see them. 

You can also use liquid repellent and spray them on plants. It will repel them to come near to these plants. 

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