Will a Rodent in the Attic Have a Nest of Babies?

Almost everybody in America has dealt with rodents invading and claiming their properties. To the lucky few who have escaped this torture , I hate you. Rodents are as destructive as an infestation can get, add to that the fact these tiny monsters like to party in groups, and soon you will have a bunch of holes all over the house. But do not forget their defecating and urination problem. Oh, the accumulation. Then theres also the diseases they bring with them. 

One just cant help but wonder, why do they want to take shelter in our attics?

It is almost a given

Well, the answer is in plain sight. You just dont want to believe it. If ANY animal wants to take shelter in your attic, it is for having babies. Its almost guaranteed. Here a funny yet worrying fact, rats can breed throughout the year if they have enough food and water. Mind you rats live in groups of females with one male.

Any mother would want its babies to be born and raised safely. This fact applies to mothers of all species and kinds. You can be almost sure if you find that your attic is infected with rodents - in either May-June or September - that there will soon be a nest of babies in there. Meaning the number of irritations suddenly jumped up.

Attics are dark and warm

Weve all seen horror movies, so we are well aware, attics are dark places. But to our disappointment, dark is what these soon to be mothers are looking for. If youve seen babies, they like to be in darker places; the light gets to them. Plus, the attic is also kept warm. Because we humans to want our houses to be cold, animals are also reaping the benefits.

This means that these pests will be getting a place where their off-springs will be well hidden and are kept warm, what more could a mother want. Oh, why not throw the amount of food we waste (lots for rats) into the deal as well. They will definitely wont come now. 

Safe from predators

The rodent kinds have a lot of predators they have to deal with, from airborne, climbers and the ground types. Attics are above ground and closed off, and rodents make very small holes to move in and out. Meaning that predators wont be able to get inside no-matter-what. Nice! The rodents seem to like it. 

Regardless of the above points, attics are human dwelling. This readily stops most carnivore types from coming near it. Predator animals are very cautious of humans. Rodents are very observant, and try to find the best shelter. 

How to deal with it?

So, how to get rid of them? Well, it differs from rodent to rodent. If its rats that are causing the problem, just exterminate them using snap traps and body grip traps. If its others like squirrels your state laws might interfere will stop the killing. Then the best case is to use live cage traps and excluding techniques. 

Remember to look for the babies and remove them by hand. They will die without their mother and then rot and smell.

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